Série WELCOME 2007/2011

Obras executadas em madeira, filme plástico e ferragens.

Observing his repertory of forms, his instrumental of objects and thoughts, we have a clearer notion of measures used in the modelation of a universe where the manual disaccelerates the anxious of the mechanical.
what is noticed is the potentialization of the craft technique that, connected with new systems of sensorial integration, melts, in the moment of artistic creation, with other ways of approximation faster and safer.

The intention of mobilizing the technology for the production of artistic dispositives is one of the important keys of Washingtons’s works. Articulating justpositioning, overpositioning, dislocations and types of cuts, the artistic shares with the observer an sharpened analysis of his sensations.
Overcome the mythicization of the prodigious movement of application of new principles of technique and sciense, the valorization of the hand as main agent of artistic production lines up to a takem of human conscience related to concerning consequences of the vertiginous acceleration of the progress.

Curatory: Marcos Hill